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Hunting-jewellery Dieter Heinrich

Dieter Heinrich registered goldsmith master, born 1957 in Deggendorf, has run the 3rd generation enterprise since 1992. Already in the 1950's the establishment began to specialize itself in hunting jewellery and designed it`s own collection which has througout the years gained a vast appeal to a wide number of clients both domestically and abroad.

The collection is designed with a great deal of know-how which goes into the workmanship using "grandeln" and other "tiertrophäen", which are continually developed further.

Our handmade hunting jewellery is available and delivered in the following models:

Gold 585/ with red-gold oak leaves and 750/ green-gold leaves
Gold 585/ complete yellow-gold (uni-color)
Silver 925/ oxdized
Silver 925 gold plated

If requested, also available in:

Gold 750/ with red-gold oak leaves and 750/ green-gold leaves
Silver 925/ oxidized with red-gold oak leaves

We design new jewellery, repair and modify hunting jewellery as well as traditional jewellery.

Of course, we also manufacture a wide range of pieces of jewellery on our own such as rings, brooches, pendants, braclets, necklace, earrings, tie-pins and waistcoat-buttons.
Many of the tie-pins can also be worked into tie-clips.

All of our pieces can be produced from your delivered "tiergrandeln" as well as from various "Jagdtrophäen", we can however, also acquire the "grandeln".

All the prices exclude trophies.
Information about the prices of trophies are available if requested.

We are also able to produce hunting jewellery according to your own wishes and to suit your taste for a single, unique piece of jewellery.

Examples from our catalogue:

hunting jewellery


Goldsmith master Dieter Heinrich
D-94526 Metten
Telefon: 00 49 1702751473

Zuständige Kammer: Handwerkskammer Niederbayern-Oberpfalz, Nikola Str. 10, 94032 Passau
Berufsbezeichnung: Goldschmiedemeister (verliehen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland)

Berufsrechtliche Regelungen:
Handwerksordnung (Zu finden im Bundesgesetzblatt I, Seite 3074 in der Fassung vom 24. September 1998)
Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer gemäß § 27 a Umsatzsteuergesetz: DE 127711755